E-Mail Addresses


Create e-mail addresses for your domains and forward all e-mails to your already existing e-mail account.

This allows visitors of your website to write to an associated email address such as info@my-cool-website.com.

Log in to the Fishbeam Cloud user account to create an e-mail address. Click Show e-mail addresses.

Enter the desired e-mail address at E-Mail Address (only the part before @). Select the desired domain for your e-mail address. At Forward to, you must specify an existing email address to which emails are to be forwarded.

Click on Create New to create the e-mail address in the Fishbeam Cloud. You can only create as many e-mail addresses as the maximum of your package allows. If you need more e-mail addresses, you can upgrade your package. Please read the chapter Contract.

Delete an E-Mail Address

Click on the x near an e-mail address to delete it. After that, emails can no longer be sent to this address.

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